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And Jesus said… “Upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Matt. 16:18

Mount Zion Second Baptist Church was founded in April 1868.  It is the second oldest black church in Atlanta, Georgia and is the mother of six great churches- Mount Olive Baptist, Beulah Baptist, Tabernacle Baptist, Butler Street Baptist, Mount Carmel Baptist, and Young Street Community Baptist.  The early organizers of the church were members of the Friendship Baptist Church.  Because of the distance that these brothers and sisters lived from Friendship Baptist, they peacefully, and in a Christ-like spirit,  requested letters from Friendship Baptist Church in order that they might organize a church in a section near where they lived. The letters were granted and our founding fathers left Friendship Baptist Church with its best wishes and prayers.

Founding members worshiped in a brush arbor for four years before constructing its first small, wood frame building in 1872 at Piedmont and Baker. In 1880, fire consumed the church and the members worshiped in a railroad boxcar until 1881. The church was rebuilt on the same site at Piedmont and Baker. In 1926, a fire consumed the building again, and services were held at the Holmes Institute on Hilliard Street near Forest Avenue. In 1927, the church marched into their newly rebuilt edifice on the same property at Piedmont and Baker.  In 1956, due to the construction of Interstates I-75 and I-85 the church was forced to move. The location chosen was 137 Boulevard NE at the corner of Irwin St. In November 1956, members marched into their present house of worship.

       With the completion of the new church in 1956, the sanctuary accommodates seating for 1000+ and the attached building includes several multipurpose rooms.


Mount Zion’s pastors in chronological order:

  • 1868-1869: Rev. Dock Phillips 

  • 1869-1872: Rev. Owen George 

  • 1872-1880: Rev. A.W. Watson 

  • 1880-1885: Rev. W. R. Clemmons 

  • 1886-1890: Rev. E. L. Jones 

  • 1890-1892: Rev. S. A. McNeal 

  • 1892-1893: Rev. W. H. Tillman 

  • 1893-1899: Rev. W. H. Tuggle 

  • 1899-1903: Rev. J. S. Kelsey 

  • 1903-1903: Rev. Rucker 

  • 1903-1914: Rev. W. H. Tuggle 

  • 1914-1915: Rev. M. L. Gleen 

  • 1915-1917: Rev. C. C. Ailer 

  • 1917-1949: Rev J. T. Dorsey 

  • 1947-1950: Rev. William J. Farrell (Interim) 

  • 1950-1986: Rev. Emory R. Searcy Sr.

  • 1986-1992: Rev. Larry Jones 

  • 1992-1993: Rev. Charles Sargent (Interim) 

  • 1992-1993: Rev. Emory R. Searcy Jr. (Interim) 

  • 1993-2001: Rev. Marty Henderson

  • 2001-2003: Rev. Henry W. Jones (Interim)

  • 2003-2021: Rev. Henry W. Jones 

Mount Zion Family Tree - The Mother Church of Six Congregations:

  • Young Street Community Baptist, Est. 2001

  • Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Est. 1916

  • Butler Street Baptist, Est. 1903

  • Tabernacle Baptist Church, Est. 1899

  • Beulah Baptist Church, Est. 1891

  • Mount Olive Baptist Church, Est. 1885


About Us

Church Demographics: 

  • Member Count: 130+ members

    • Seniors(55+): 65%

    • Adults(41-54): 12%

    • Young Adults(18-40): 10%

    • Youth (17 & Under): 13%

  • Seating: 1000+

  • Parking Spaces:  60+

  • Building Makeup: 

    • Chapel

    • Childrens’ Nursery

    • Multipurpose Classrooms

    • Several Multipurpose Rooms

    • Fellowship Hall with stage and attached kitchen

    • Library

    • Museum

    • Lounge

    • 8 Restrooms

    • Church Office

    • Office & Study for Pastor

    • Robe Room

    • Finance, Treasury Rooms

    • Baptismal Pool

    • Sanctuary


Present Ministries/Auxiliaries/Committees/Teams:

  • Birthday Guild

  • B.S.M. Ushers

  • Capital Campaign

  • Deacons’ Ministry

  • Deaconess’ Ministry

  • E.R.S. Courtesy Guild

  • E.R.S. Choir

  • Finance Committee

  • Kitchen Committee

  • L.B. Williams Gospel Choir

  • M.L.S. Ushers

  • Male Chorus

  • Men’s Ministry

  • MZ2BC Youth Choir

  • Outreach Ministry

  • Pastor Search Committee

  • Prayze Dance Ministry

  • Progressive Ushers

  • Senior Ministry

  • Senior Mothers’ Ministry

  • Senior Ushers

  • Sunday School

  • Trustee Ministry

  • Transportation Ministry

  • HWJ Youth for Christ Ushers

  • Ward One

  • Ward Two

  • Ward Three

  • Ward Four

  • Ward Five

  • Ward Six

  • Ward Seven

  • Youth Ministry


Adages over the Years

  • “The Church of the Open Doors”

  • “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me” Philippians 4:13 

  • “The Difference is Worth the Distance”


Our Church Life


  • Sunday School - classes meet before the worship service

  • Special Drama programs are staged for Easter, Christmas, and other occasions

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Revival



  • Fellowship with other churches 


Mission Projects

  • Benevolence

  • Collection of non perishable items/clothing

  • Feeding of the homeless

  • Angel Tree (Our House) - Christmas Time

  • Trinity House

  • Carver Bible College

  • Morehouse School of Religion

  • PNBC Global Mission


Church Outreach

  • Thanksgiving Basket giveaway

  • Mentorship with Hope-Hill Elementary

  • Prison Outreach Ministry

  • Visitation of sick and shut-in


Christian Education

  • Church-wide:

    • Sunday School

    • Bible Study

    • Workshops

    • Retreats

    • Conventions


  • Atlanta Missionary Baptist Association (AMBA) - Local

  • New Era Missionary Baptist Association - Statewide

  • Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC) - National

  • David T. Howard High School Alumni Association, Inc.

  • Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU)


Our Worship Life

  • We govern ourselves by the Holy Bible, the Baptist Doctrine, and our Church Constitution.

  • We adhere to the Baptist Ordinances: Communion and Baptism.

  • The Baptist Church Covenant is read during service on the first Sunday of the month.

  • Annually, we celebrate with special services, marking key events on our Church calendar: Exit-Entrance Day, Church Anniversary, Men’s Day, Women’s Day, Youth Day, Mission Day, and Pastor’s Anniversary.

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