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Pastor Profile

Learn more about our ideal Pastor!

Pastor Profile

Pastor Profile
Preferred Requirements
5 + years ministry experience
Completion of undergraduate degree with plans or currently enrolled for seminary degree
Demonstrate administrative skills
Ability to interact with multi-generational age groups

Proclaim the Word of God in a church pulpit
Prepare, preach, and teach at scheduled worship services and allow rotational opportunities for associates to preach and teach
Administer the Ordinances of the Baptist church
Confer with Deacons when securing services of musicians /evangelists for special meetings
Lead the church in effective evangelism efforts through preaching and giving invitations and offering Christ during worship services, revivals or other special services and other outreach efforts
Conduct revivals at this church and elsewhere
Include prayer as a vital part of worship services
Conduct weekly Bible Studies and spend time in prayer

Facilitate combined effort to visit hospitalized, grieving, and sick/shut-in church members
Officiate at weddings and funerals
Oversee church discipline and manage conflict in the church. Seek to reconcile relationships and promote unity within the church
Counsel church members who desire or require guidance
Promote the ministries of the church (i.e. evangelism, youth, couples, singles, etc)
Cooperate and collaborate with local, state and national denominational affiliations in matters of mutual interest and concern; keep the church informed and represent the church in denominational and civic matters

Lead in teaching church members to increase their knowledge and capabilities as disciples of Jesus Christ (i.e support the church school program, superintendent and teachers)
Mentor associate ministers for the development of their skills.

Lead the church in bringing multi-generational members together to increase the bonds of Christian love and duty
Ensure a church environment that is inclusive and welcoming to an increasingly diverse community

Salary to be determined

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